Invoc Same Team CRM Solution:

Aligning Marketing and Sales

Many are strongly convinced that aligning marketing and sales efforts is an important key to success in today's increasingly digitized business environment.

Today's customers are more online than ever before, and marketing employs strategies today that are much different than those used in the past for engaging those potenential customers and generating leads for sales. With the profusion of these different methods of connecting with potential customers, it's more important than ever to make sure that the marketing and sales teams are on the same page, executing the same strategy, and working with the same vision.

The Same Team CRM solution from Invoc is an implementation methodology that brings Sales and Marketing together.

Using the Same Team solution, a company can connect its marketing and sales teams using the key information that is most important to both. Sales teams have real data to evaluate the quality of leads they receive from marketing. Likewise, marketing leaders have real data to monitor the progress of leads they pass to the sales team. Using this data, both can ensure that they are working as a team in the most efficient manner to accomplish their shared goals.

“In a Sales 2.0 world, every lead gets linked to its source, every marketing campaign turns into a quest for improved ROI, every step of the sales process is measured, every sales initiative is analyzed and every method is tested … The core character of the Sales 2.0 world is that it relies on sales and marketing alignment, with shared goals and new responsibilities throughout the sales cycle, from lead generation and qualification all the way to closed deals” (Thorogood and Gschwandtner, here on Inside CRM).

Using the Same Team CRM Solution and armed with answers to questions like the following, your company can increase marketing and sales performance:

  • Which marketing expenditures generate the greatest return on investment?
  • Which ones generate the leads that close the fastest?
  • Which ones generate the most leads that turn into qualified opportunities? Which generate the leads most likely to close as sales?

By tying the sales and marketing teams together, information such as this becomes available through simple queries or in real-time dashboards. Then, the marketing team can take action to implement and perfect the activities most conducive to their company’s objectives. They can pass better leads to sales. This is one of the greatest benefits of aligning sales and marketing.
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